Institute for Apprenticeships

The Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) is a new body led by employers, to regulate the quality of apprenticeships. It will approve apprenticeship standards and assessment plans and maintain clear quality criteria, so that only standards that are valued by employers will be approved and funded. BEIS will no longer be responsible for these activities and the Skills Minister will no longer approve standards and assessment plans. It is the intention that these functions will transfer to the Institute during 2016.

The institute is employer-led with an independent chair who leads a board of employers, business leaders and their representatives, to ensure employers continue to drive apprenticeship quality to the highest level.


  • developing and maintaining quality criteria for the approval of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans
  • supporting the development of standards and assessment plans by employer groups, reviewing and approving them
  • publishing approved standards and assessment plans
  • advising on the maximum amount of government funding that can be drawn down by employers for individual apprenticeship standards
  • quality assuring the delivery of apprentice end-point assessments, where employer groups have been unable to propose other arrangements
  • ensuring that all end-point assessments are quality assured

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