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Company Profile

Beehive provide high quality management, leadership and team coaching to organisations.  They are a small organisational development consultancy which works to apply the principles of sustainability to organisational learning.

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The Challenge

How to engage with organisations that are wanting to work in the nuclear sector with a view to providing appropriate and suitable learning and development interventions.

The Solution

Beehive joined the Skills Academy in November 2011.  They have benefitted from the relationship with the Skills Academy Regional Manager in terms of knowledge and guidance, and have been provided with number of opportunities including presenting to the Regional Steering Group - putting them infront of key decision makers in the industry.

Mark Sykes - Beehive

“At Beehive we are aiming to provide leadership and management training that is suitable for a wide range of nuclear professionals”

Their association with the Skills Academy, has enabled their relationship with Magnox Ltd.

The Results

  •  Demonstrating a commitment to supplying high quality skills development to the nuclear industry.
  • Working with Magnox Ltd to deliver coaching skills development amongst team leaders.

Alli Hunt – NSA Nuclear Regional Manager

“As a result of our relationship and the opportunities we have provided to them, Beehive have benefited from knowledge transfer taking place that is informing them so they are able to adapt learning programmes to suit the needs of Magnox.”

Beehive have completed an introduction to coaching at the Human Performance conference at Oldbury, and are delivering ‘A taste of coaching’ series of workshops at Wylfa.

The Future

Beehive are planning to build on their client base from a wide range of private and public sector businesses.

Pictured above Mark and Sarah from Beehive.