With over 60 years of experience Studsvik is keen to grow the UK arm of their Business and offers a range of advanced technical services to the nuclear power industry including waste treatment, decommissioning, engineering & services, and operating efficiency.  The Metal Recycling Facility at Lillyhall, Workington Cumbria is Studsvik UK's nuclear licensed site and this is the first new nuclear licensed site to be brought into operation in over 20 years in the UK.
The MRF processes low level radioactive metal by a range of innovative techniques, so the metal can be sent for reuse rather than disposal.
Through the Skills Academy’s Quality Assured Provider network and the Community Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS), Studsvik UK is also able to develop skilled Apprentices for their future workforce.

The Business perspective:

Sam Usher, President of Studsvik UK Limited was pleased to welcome John as their new apprentice for the Metal Recycling Facility at Lillyhall.  “As a new UK Nuclear Site Licensed Facility we are very keen to take on and develop individuals who show they have the aptitude to be part of our team, have the willingness and motivation to learn and to obtain the skills to help drive our business forward.”

Skills growth:

Colin Myers, Human Resources Manager at Studsvik UK says, “With John having completed a year at GENII and getting a good grasp and understanding of the requirements for a career in Engineering, we believe he has the ability to become a strong member of our team and the skills, knowledge and experience he will gain through completing his advanced apprenticeship with Studsvik and GENII, will set John up for a long term career with us.”

Roland Fletcher, Skills Academy Apprenticeship Manager: “It’s fantastic that Studsvik UK really do recognise the potential to be gained from taking on Apprentices and I’m pleased to be able to provide further support from our Community Apprenticeship Scheme (CAS) to enable Studsvik to employ John and take him through his Advanced Apprenticeship at their Metal Recycling Facility at Lillyhall.”