Creating Beneficial Relationships - Bury College and Magnox Ltd

As part of the National Nuclear Gateway project, the National Skills Academy Nuclear initiated an interchange between Bury College and Magnox Ltd.
Janet Etheridge, Training and Development Manager at Bury College, took part in the week long interchange. The initial motivation was to gain nuclear-specific knowledge to inform the delivery of a contract which had yet to begin.
Janet commented “It was a very rewarding experience. It has proven to be a valuable contact and a mutually beneficial relationship that wouldn’t have been possible without the National Skills Academy Nuclear.”
Janet was the first from the Skills Academy’s High Quality Provider Network to take part in an extended placement – funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.
“We have done one day and shorter visits to nuclear companies before, but this experience gave you a much better insight into the breadth of work in the sector.”
Bury College are developing human performance training for the nuclear and aviation sectors, and Janet was able to accompany and observe Magnox staff, led by Tony Gaskell, the Human Performance Lead, carrying out an annual human performance audit of one of the company’s eight sites.
Janet met staff from senior level through to operational and support staff, this helped to broaden her appreciation of roles performed within a nuclear facility:
“It put different people’s job roles into perspective. Going into the week I was aware of the very safety orientated nature of many roles, but I realised that our training would also benefit knowledge workers (for example in HR or finance), whose roles I could more readily relate to.”
“This was not something we would have considered doing ourselves, as we did not have access to staff at the right level” explained Janet. “You do not make the same level of contact from a masterclass or other event with a larger group.”
Janet brought back material and insight from the interchange which directly informed the development of the training course which has been shared. The College were supportive of the experience, seeing the commercial value of getting to know Magnox:
“Magnox like to work with people who know their organisation – so we’re now in front. The experience also adds greatly to our credibility generally when delivering the training.”
The interchange marks another phase in the relationship between Bury College and Magnox. The Human Performance Lead has been “very helpful” in commenting on training documents and providing case study documents. The organisations have held subsequent meetings and the contact will grow from here.


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