Balfour Beatty VINCI

“We feel very involved in informing and influencing the direction of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and its products and services.  The Skills Academy has helped to promote a positive image of the nuclear sector, and will give us the ability to ensure a safe workforce trained for all aspects of the nuclear industry”

Why we got involved in the National Skills Academy for Nuclear
Balfour Beatty VINCI joined the National Skills Academy for Nuclear in March 2010 because with our involvement in the new build programme we could see the benefit.  Also we very much wanted to be part of the development of the Nuclear Skills Passport.  We hoped that our membership would allow us to work closely both with National Skills Academy for Nuclear and with the National Skills Academy for Construction in producing the materials and courses needed for our construction workforce to be up-skilled for work in the nuclear industry.

Useful aspects of membership
The consultation visits we have received from our National Skills Academy for Nuclear Regional Manager, Steve Barrett, have been extremely valuable. He is very proactive and responsive to our needs and comments.  We attend Regional Steering Group meetings and find them useful for networking.  Partnerships with educational establishments like Bridgwater College are also very important for the future.  We get regular updates on developments in the industry.  

Benefits of membership
Access to the Nuclear Skills Passport will be a huge benefit to membership as it will streamline our access to future nuclear sites considerably.  The new partnerships we have developed as a result of membership are also providing us with real training opportunities.  We have been working with the Skills Academy and other construction companies to produce a Nuclear Skills Passport suitable for new build employees. 

The Future
We see the Nuclear Skills Passport as an important part of our competency process which will save us time and money and increase our productivity.  This will have a knock-on effect on the quality and standard of our services for our customers.  The Nuclear Skills Passport will be a major part of our thinking especially when big nuclear new build projects start in the near future.