Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism

The Challenge
Employers identified an issue with attracting the right calibre and adequate supply of graduates to work in the nuclear sector with the skills, competencies and behaviours required to operate safely and effectively in the nuclear environment. This is being exacerbated by the needs of new build and the nuclear deterrent successor programme and an ageing workforce.

The Results
The Skills Academy, in collaboration with the Open University is leading on the development of a modular nuclear HE framework leading to a Certificate of Nuclear Professionalism.  The Certificate is being developed with funding from the Northwest Higher Level Skills Partnership.

The Certificate will aid in ensuring the transition into the nuclear industry for recent graduates and experienced personnel transferring into the sector is as efficient as possible.

The Certificate in Nuclear Professionalism  is an exciting and innovative development that is generating significant interest across the sector.

This is being developed in partnership with employers and the Open University and will be delivered via a range of methods including distance, work based and traditional learning. It will focus on the development of the right behavioural, commercial and project management skills with scientific and technical skills as appropriate. Employers will access only the modules they require and gain accreditation for the modules delivered in house.

Progress to date
The development of the Certificate so far has been the result of a unique ongoing level of engagement along the length and breadth of the UK nuclear industry main players. Recent workshops have brought together nuclear employers, Cogent SSC and the Open University. A steering group has been formed to ensure the project is delivered on time to the required quality with input from all key partners.

 Alan Coley, Head of Engineering and Business Transformation , VT Nuclear Services:

 “The development of a nationally recognised framework is excellent new for nuclear employers, bringing clarity to the training needs of those entering the industry at post graduate level. We look forward to working with the National Skills academy for Nuclear as the concept is developed.”