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“We’ve had ties to the community in Dounreay since the ’50s. We see this as part of our social responsibility to encourage youngsters to get skills for the future.”

The Challenge

Decommissioning will end in 2025 and we want to ensure there are opportunities for employment in the area after this period. We also recognise that our location can make recruitment quite challenging. We have turned this into an opportunity to ‘grow skills locally’ in Thurso instead.
The Results

  • This year, as a direct result of the Skills Academy for Nuclear initiative three Community Apprentices have been taken on by Nuvia. 
  • The local community recognises Nuvia’s commitment to local growth and development.

Alan Scott, Nuvia’s Department Manager, Decommissioning Projects explains: “The Scheme is working well so far and the fact that it’s nationally recognised and managed by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear gives us confidence that the route we’re taking will work.”

The three Apprentices are acquiring useful skills and knowledge relevant to job roles such as draughtsman and instrument technician. Craig Macintosh (17 years old from Melvich) is one of the Apprentices on the Scheme and he told us: “I get on with all the students. We get to see what work is like and I am enjoying the NC Engineering course. I’m also looking forward to some practical experience working with  Nuvia through the holidays.”

Iain Dunnett (18 years old from Bower), also on the Scheme, says: “I’m really enjoying it and can’t wait to get on-site.”

Alan confirms that the feedback from their training provider for this Scheme - North Highlands College – is excellent to date. “I am sure  that as well as developing sound technical skills, the Scheme will help our three Community Apprentices with soft skills including good communications and overall to become confident in their own abilities.”