Our expectations of Skills Academy membership have been fully met – we are already seeing an impact on our image as a business fully committed to the skills agenda in the nuclear sector, and Academy membership has also increased our return on investment in training by brokering in solutions that have a real effect on our bottom line.”

Why we got involved in the National Skills Academy for Nuclear
Colin Myers, HR Manager at Studsvik, explains that “back when the National Skills Academy for Nuclear was first founded we were interested in the concept – we thought it was a great way forward in improving the skills of future employees.  We hoped to gain expert insight and greater opportunities to participate in the nuclear sector. Studsvik was also relatively new to the industry and we thought there would be a great opportunity for us to grow together.”

Useful aspects of membership
“Working with our National Skills Academy for Nuclear Regional Manager Julie Maykels, has led to the development of a Skills Action Plan, which has been very valuable in our assessment of the skills needs of our staff and in terms of sourcing training.  We find the Regional Steering Groups a useful place to network and the regular updates we receive help us to keep abreast of what is happening in the industry."

Benefits of membership
“We have received funding for Community Apprenticeships from the Skills Academy, which has allowed us us to take on Apprentices for the first time.    This has helped us to be more competitive in the marketplace and has improved our workforce’s capacity and capability.  Academy membership has focused our minds on the future skills of our employees, and is enabling us to train our workers to the required standards for all aspects of work in the nuclear industry."

The Future
“Going forward, the Nuclear Skills Passport will be vital to our future planning.  Academy membership will continue to save us time and money and increase our productivity, and will ensure that we continue to maintain the skills levels of our staff as a top priority."

Is it for me?
“The Skills Academy helps to promote a positive image of the nuclear sector and it remains driven by the needs of its members.”