TIS Cumbria

TIS Cumbria Ltd is a fabrication, welding and NDT inspection firm in Workington. Customers include local engineering firms and large companies such as Sellafield.   The company employs 34 people and is based in the Northwest of England.

The Challenge
TIS is a company that expects continued growth, and is committed to its local community. It aims to provide good quality employment opportunities for young people in West Cumbria, and give its business a way of meeting future skills needs.

The Results

  • Through the Community Apprentice Scheme, TIS Cumbria have been able to employ 5 Apprentices, when only 2 could have been afforded without the Scheme’s support.
  • All 5 Apprentices spend 4 days a week in the workplace and are ahead of schedule completing their fabrication and welding qualifications.
Further Information