Training 2000


“As a training provider we see that it is very important that we work to further the skills agenda…having never worked in the nuclear sector before, we saw this as a great opportunity to do that…"

The challenge and the context
A key objective for the National Skills Academy for Nuclear is to have a quality assured provider network that can deliver good quality programmes for employers.
Martin Eatough, Director of Engineering Programmes at Training 2000 (inset), believes that “The nuclear industry is growing rapidly, and many employers haven’t recruited apprentices for many years. There is a skills gap and the next five to ten years of Apprentice recruitment are vital to the nuclear industry…”

The solution and the results
For the last 6-7 months Training 2000 have been working particularly closely with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear as one of their approved training providers.
Martin explains: “When the opportunity came to work with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear, we saw it not only as a great opportunity to contribute to the skills agenda nationally, but also as a great business opportunity."

Martin describes the Apprentices working with Training 2000 this year as, “Fantastic, very motivated, and very focused on the career of their choice.”

Martin has found that Training 2000’s involvement in the Community Apprenticeship Scheme for the nuclear sector has had a knock on effect in how the company is perceived by other businesses, as an up-to-date organisation involved in a growing sector. Neil Burrows, Centre Manager, observes that the relationships developed by the Community Apprenticeship Scheme have helped Training 2000 to win other business with those organisations.

Neil believes that for all these benefits, the best is yet to come; “We’ll see the real benefits of the Scheme when we see skilled, motivated young people coming out the other end!”

Roland Fletcher, NSA Nuclear Apprenticeship Manager says, “I’ve been extremely impressed with Training 2000. They have proved to be a very committed and employer responsive organisation. You can really feel the enthusiasm of the trainers and Apprentices when you visit and walk through their premises at Blackburn. I would encourage Skills Academy Employers to take the time and opportunity to visit the Training 2000 Team.”

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