ANNETTE Free CPD Pilot Courses Available

Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education, Training and Transfer of Expertise (ANNETTE)

NSAN is involved in a European project called ANNETTE, which is funded under Horizon 2020.  ANNETTE aims to promote a better coordination of academic and vocational learning initiatives in the nuclear fields in Europe, in order to achieve a higher level of networking and cooperation.

ANNETTE are offering a number of pilot courses that have been established to provide the benchmark for the planned beyond University curricula. 

All the courses included are available without any course fee. 

The courses are only open to individuals who already have MSc level education (doctoral students, researchers, technicians).  This is a great opportunity to gain a further professional development.

There is also the opportunity to request additional funding support to enable individuals to undertake the training via the ENEN+ project on a competitive basis through their website

To view the courses available visit and to apply for ANNETTE course visit