Cyber and Information Security Training for the Nuclear Industry

NSAN are launching two new cyber and information security courses to help nuclear companies up skill their staff against rising cyber threats and information security breaches.

In the nuclear industry and its supply chain, cyber and information security is in the spotlight more than ever before.  February 2017 saw the launch of the Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy.  This strategy sets out the expectations, and the roles that the industry, Government and Regulators need to play in cyber security.  These courses have been designed to provide guidance to companies in meeting the expectations presented in the strategy.

The courses have been developed with input from key nuclear organisations alongside delivery partners South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and DAS.  The courses are two half-day training courses (Part A and Part B) that aim to raise awareness of Cyber and Information Security for the UK Nuclear Industry.  

Part A focuses on cyber and information security from an individual’s perspective.  Given that 50% of the worst security breaches are caused by human error it is recommended that all employees are educated in the essentials of cyber security.  This course provides an overview of the main types of cyber security threats, provides information on how to counter threats and understand the implications of both individuals and companies not complying with security protocols.

“I think this course would be good for introducing good behaviours in IT. Not necessary knowledge of IT, but explaining good practice in human behaviour and that the potential cost to the company can be high. This must be packed up with good policies, which the company must create.”  Comment from a course pilot attendee, June 2017.

Part B is aimed at senior managers and provides a higher level of awareness of cyber security in relation to having an effective information security management strategy and system.   The course covers the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as those emanating from the Office for Nuclear Regulation, and understanding what good looks like in terms of governance and compliance.           

“Excellent training for Senior Information Risk Owners (SIROs), which every nuclear company must have. Also, all information security professionals, IT or OT managers, Chief Information Security Officers, supply chain security, and possibly HR and procurement managers. Thank you for an excellent and thought provoking course.” Comment from a course pilot attendee, June 2017.

These courses can be delivered in a range of formats, remote or face-to-face, and can be used alone or blended to provide a tailored programme to meet your requirements in terms of preferred learning method, staff numbers, availability and budget.   In September NSAN will launch a short Nuclear Cyber Essentials e-learning course, designed especially to meet the needs of companies with high volume of learners.

Dawn Broad, Sales and Marketing Manager, NSAN commented;

“There is a large and growing need for cyber and information security training to safeguard against cyber threats.  The courses have been developed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to keep their information safe, systems secure and business running amidst today’s most destructive digital attacks and vulnerabilities.”

 “Businesses need to consider both initial and refresher training to ensure that all staff understand the risks and actively seek to protect themselves, both professionally and personally, from cyber and other security-related threats.”

In addition to the awareness training, NSAN can provide advanced training in cyber & information security to provide a greater level of depth and granularity in knowledge.  Through NSAN’s Consultancy Services, hands-on support can be provided to help companies achieve standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus, IASME Governance Certification, Risk Management Planning and audit & assessment provision.

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