Cyber Security – An essential part of nuclear safety and security…how can NSAN help you?

In February 2017, the government launched a Civil Nuclear Cyber Security Strategy aimed at supporting the civil nuclear sector to defend against, recover from, and be resilient to evolving cyber threats.

Three months later, with the recent spate of cyber attacks, most notably on the NHS, cyber security is firmly positioned as a high priority area for any business.  It is apparent that the volume and complexity of cyber attacks against the UK are growing and the range of attacks are widening. 

Cyber security is an essential element of safety and security to any business operating in or with the nuclear industry.   Like all sectors, computerised systems play a huge part in all nuclear facilities and its supply chain.  As the UK is on the verge of constructing a new fleet of nuclear reactors all companies operating in and supporting the sector, have a duty of care to aid in meeting the challenge of protecting legacy facilities, new build projects and supply chains for nuclear from cyber attacks.

The National Skills Academy for Nuclear, have acted upon the findings from its market research conducted in 2016, that highlighted a need for an effective, short-duration training course to address the gaps in the knowledge and ability of their workforce in relation to cyber security.  July 2017 will see the launch of two Cyber Security and Information Awareness courses (part one and two) that put this highly topical issue into the context of working on and supplying to a nuclear facility.   The courses have been developed in partnership with South Gloucestershire and Stroud College and DAS Ltd.

Part one is suitable for all non-technical employers and employees in the nuclear industry and its supply chain, who are seeking to understand more about online security.   Part two is suitable for technical and non-technical employers and employees who have responsibility or oversight for, cyber & information security compliance and governance in the nuclear industry and its supply chain.

The courses have been developed to be highly interactive and can be offered back to back in one day, building up knowledge through applicable case studies.

Jean Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear commented;

“Cyber security isn’t an aspect of business that is the sole responsibility of your IT department.  Cyber security needs to become part of the nuclear safety culture.  All personnel need to be aware of the possible consequences of actions, and understand the potential dangers that their behaviour could bring about.”

Developed specifically to support the industry, both courses are undergoing a pilot review with nuclear companies.  The courses will be available from July 2017.  A high demand is anticipated for the courses, so NSAN is currently enabling organisations to register their interest via its website.

If you would like to register your interest, either for yourself or on behalf of your company – click here.