Cyber Security

NSAN & Energus and are working together to close the skills gap in Cyber Security

NSAN’s Cyber and Information Security courses are to be offered as part of the portfolio of cyber security related courses on offer through the Cyber Lab at Energus.

Energus launched its state of the art Cyber Lab in January, as part of a NDA group initiative to close the skills gap in Cyber Security. The main aim of this new facility is to deliver extensive Cyber Security apprenticeship & STEM training programmes.

The NSAN portfolio of Cyber and Information Security (C&IS) training, includes two half-day classroom courses (Part A and Part B), that aim to raise awareness of C&IS for the UK Nuclear Industry and its supply chain.

Part A focuses on cyber and information security from an individual’s perspective and provides an overview of the main types of cyber security threats, information on how to counter threats and understand the implications of both individuals and companies not complying with security protocols.

Part B is aimed at senior managers and provides a higher level of awareness of cyber security in relation to having an effective information security management strategy and system. It covers the relevant legal and regulatory requirements, such as those emanating from the Office for Nuclear Regulation, and understanding what good looks like in terms of governance and compliance.  

The next available dates for the NSAN Cyber and Information courses at Energus’ Cyber Lab in Workington, Cumbria are 5th September & 9th October.

Liz Hearnden, Operations Manager, Cumbria said

“There is a large and growing need for cyber and information security training to safeguard against cyber threats. We are therefore delighted to partner with Energus to offer these courses in West Cumbria at such an incredible, tailor-made facility”

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