New Nuclear Gateway Portal set to share talent across sector

A collaboration of National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN), the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) and  the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) launched a web-based platform called Nuclear Gateway to an audience of employers and stakeholders, on 26th October, at the House of Commons.

Lord Willis of Knaresborough set the scene and Beccy Pleasant, Head of Talent and Skills at the NDA, officially launched the new platform. It is part of the wider Talent Retention Solution system, which supports the attraction, retention and redeployment of skills across a range of sectors. 

Through involvement with the Nuclear Gateway system, companies with oversubscribed graduate and apprentice programmes can provide candidates that they are unable to employ, with the opportunity to register and promote themselves to other nuclear companies.
Organisations with trainee vacancies can then search the system for people that meet their needs, and contact the individual to progress.

Beccy , who is also NSSG Head of Nuclear Skills Designate, speaking at the launch of the Nuclear Gateway said: “TRS is a non-commercial platform which furthers collaboration on skills. We’ve got an overpopulated pipeline is some areas, and really struggle with early talent in others. This provides a brilliant matching service – and opens up all sorts of other opportunities from boosting diversity to supporting women returners to sector transferees. Taking this project from concept to delivery, on behalf of the NSSG, has been very exciting."

The development of the platform has been supported financially by the NDA, as part of their wider commitment to the utilisation of TRS across the NDA group. 

A number of stakeholders are committed to developing Nuclear Gateway system, including those that might refer candidates and those that are looking to pick them up across the civil nuclear and defence platforms.  Stakeholders include Magnox Ltd, Sellafield Ltd, Gen2, nucleargraduates, EDF Energy, NIS Ltd, Bridgwater College, Grŵp Llandrillo Menai and the Ministry of Defence (MoD)

Mark Rouse, Business Director - Japan, Cavendish Nuclear and NSSG member added, “Each year due to oversubscription, the industry loses potentially highly skilled and motivated individuals to other sectors.  Their applications, while not being suitable for one particular selection process, could greatly benefit another employer in the sector or its supply chain.  The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group recognises that the sector offers a very attractive career proposition for young people, and that pooling such candidates will lead to greater opportunities for young people, and more talent within the sector.”

The new Nuclear Gateway will aid the nuclear industry by actively retaining and re-deploying talented individuals within the industry.  The system will aid in delivering the identified replacement and expansion demand of   6830 FTEs per annum required for the planned nuclear civil and defence programme in the UK, as identified in the Nuclear Workforce Assessment.

The system will go live on 4th December.