NSAN Approved to Provide End Point Assessment for Nuclear Operative Apprenticeship


NSAN has been successful in its application to become the End Point Assessment Organisation for the Nuclear Operative Apprenticeship.

The Nuclear Operative Apprenticeship is the latest Trailblazer Standard that NSAN has been approved to offer end-point assessment for.  Other standards include, Nuclear Health Physics Monitor and Nuclear Technician.

Companies that have, or are looking at starting apprentices on the new Nuclear Operative Apprenticeship can now request NSAN to carry out the delivery of the independent end point assessment.

Jo Tipa, Managing Director, NSAN commented:

“This is great news as it confirms that NSAN’s approach to end point assessment design and delivery meets the standard set by the government. The NSAN team work hard to ensure that through our approach, apprentices receive quality, robust and independent end-point assessments, which also meet the needs of nuclear employers.

We plan to further develop the end point assessment aspect of our business to provide similar services for other nuclear industry occupations, as new apprenticeship standards become available.”

Working with the Nuclear Employer Trailblazer Group, NSAN has provided extensive support to the co-ordination and development of 5 Nuclear Trailblazer Standards and Assessment Plans (NHPM; Nuclear Science and Nuclear Engineer; Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician; Nuclear Operative and Nuclear Technician).

For further information on the end-point assessment services provided by NSAN http://www.nsan.co.uk/nsan-epao  
E NuclearEPAO@nsan.co.uk
T 01925 909700