NSAN Consultancy Support – Skills Need and Planning (SNAP)

Through the advice and guidance of their Operations Manager it was identified that NSAN could provide support to YGC in the advancement of a business development objective-led skills need and planning strategy (SNAP).

A "Business to Skills" diagnostic workshop programme was developed by NSAN and delivered through workshops and discussions with key personnel from YGC, which took place during May & June 2019.

The workshop programme was delivered in three stages:

Stage 1: business drivers, objectives and people & process issues/change requirements

Stage 2: skills needs to meet the drivers and objectives and lead people/teams

Stage 3: training needs and priorities to tackle the skills needs

The skills need and planning (SNAP) matrix uses the exploration of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental (PESTLE) factors facing and affecting an organisation. Enabling these to be identified, understood and analysed.

Once investigated the PESTLE analysis is used to provide a deeper insight into the organisation. The outputs from the workshops have provided YGC with a deeper understanding of the factors influencing their organisation, what they represent and how they affect the business.

The outcomes identified through this process have provided YGC with a clear plan and actions for implementation and delivery. 

“It was great to engage with YGC utilising our SNAP service.  It allowed us to really understand their needs and provide professional and directed support to meet identified business objectives.”
Dawn Broad – SNAP Lead