RWM Launches New Waste Container Training on NTN

Are you looking for information on the packaging and transportation of radioactive waste and the role containers play in the in the overall performance of a waste package?

RWM has published a new eLearning module via the Nuclear Training Network (NTN). The introductory module explores RWM approved waste containers, suitable for the packaging of Higher Activity Waste and subsequent disposal in a GDF, and provides the key pieces of information for each one.

The module also provides:
• a brief overview of RWM’s specification and guidance documents;
• the process  by which new waste and transport containers can be developed and implemented in the UK;
• examples of new containers in development; and
• links to more detailed information on the topics covered.

This is the second RWM eLearning module published via NTN. Enrol today to learn more about RWM, its role in supporting SLC’s to manage radioactive waste, implementing geological disposal and the disposability assessment process.