New British-Franco agreement to strengthen the approach to skills development for the nuclear industry

Above (l-r) Dame Sue Ion - Honorary President of NSAN, Jean Llewellyn OBE - CEO of NSAN, Philippe Corréa - Director of the INSTN and Robert Davies - Chair of NSAN.

The National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN) and the Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires (INSTN) have signed an agreement to strengthen their joint working on the skills for nuclear agenda across UK and France. 

The agreement was officially launched today (25th April 2017) from the French Ambassador’s Residence in London.

Both organisations are committed to further developing a strong bilateral Franco-British cooperation on skills for nuclear, and are keen to demonstrate how the countries can work together through and beyond the implications of Brexit. 

One of the outcomes from the agreement will be the development of a joint quality standard for skills provision and training that can be applied in both France and the UK, facilitating the movement and recognition of training and therefore personnel between the two countries.  This will be identified through a kite mark of quality which will be launched when the standard is agreed.  A joint kite mark will also be developed for use by professional Associates of both NSAN and INSTN to provide formal recognition of the quality service and expertise provided.  It is envisaged that this will expand the consultancy services offered by both INSTN and NSAN.

Both organisations are keen to pursue collaborative international projects and will look to facilitate further links to other skills, education and training bodies in Britain and France as the relationship progresses. 

Jean Llewellyn OBE, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear commented:

“This agreement recognises the importance and need for the continued cooperation between France and the UK.  As the UK moves to action Brexit it is vital that our relationship with Europe is strengthened through collaborations such as this.

NSAN has developed a number of solutions that could provide benefits to the nuclear industry in Europe and internationally, such as the Skills Assured [1]skills and competency system.  Through international collaboration and joint working NSAN hopes to promote the skills solutions developed by the nuclear industry in the UK for use abroad and to build on and utilise the expertise of INSTN in the UK.”

Philippe Corréa, Director of the INSTN commented:

“The agreement signed between INSTN and NSAN highlights the strength of Franco-British cooperation, particularly for Nuclear Energy.

In France, INSTN is the expert in Education and Training for the development of the Nuclear Industry as a whole.

INSTN is the first European IAEA Collaborating Centre for Education and Training in the nuclear sector.  With this international recognition of our Institute, and NSAN’s key role in the UK, this partnership represents a major and concrete asset for the development of nuclear skills and competences, in support of the Nuclear Industry, for the benefit of our two countries.”


[1] NS4P in the UK