Triple Bar - Nuclear New Build Sites

The Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Training Course

The Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites (TB NNBS) Training has been developed in collaboration with EDF Energy to provide individuals with a basic level of understanding about some of the important aspects about working in nuclear.

The TB NNBS will prepare you for working on Sites approved by UK Government for the construction of new civil nuclear power stations.  The key knowledge requirements are presented in three short modules that together provide the minimum nuclear knowledge expected in preparation for Site Induction and working on a Nuclear New Build Site.

The training is focused at a fundamental level to introduce the requirements for compliance, nuclear awareness and industry behaviours for working in the nuclear industry to ensure individuals understand the need to work safely and maintain the safety of their work colleagues, the site and the environment both now and in the future.

Individuals looking to carryout contracted work on nuclear new build sites will bring with them technical and professional skills for their specific vocation, but may have limited or no prior experience of working with or in the nuclear supply chain.  The Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites will in effect ‘nuclearise’ individuals on the behaviours and safety culture that are a requirement for working in the nuclear industry. 

Is this the same as the Triple Bar Existing Sites?

No, the Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites training course has different aims and objectives to the Triple Bar Existing Sites.  Whilst the fundamentals of compliance, Nuclear awareness and behaviours are covered, there is a strong emphasis on nuclear power generation and the role of everyone who will be involved through construction, commissioning to really think about the importance of carrying out tasks correctly and following procedures to help ensure new nuclear power stations are built and perform correctly over their designed lifetime.  By doing things correctly now helps to minimise and eliminate ‘latent impact’ in the future.  Latent impact is a key term that will be covered in the training.

Who should complete it?

The course is aimed at all Employers who have or wish to gain contracted work at nuclear new build sites.  All individuals who will be required to work on a Nuclear New Build Site should have done this prior to Site Induction.

Choice of Delivery

On-line: The course is available free of charge via NSAN’s e-Learning Portal, the Nuclear Training Network 

Exam and Certification: Learners will be required to undertake a test to confirm they have retained the key learning points from the training.  The test will be held at centres across the UK approved by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and candidates will book their exam via CITB .

Successful achievement of the Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites Test can be recorded on the NS4P.

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