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It takes insight to cut through the complexity that stands between your project or programme and its success. HKA experts plot a clear path through risk, technical problems and disputes to the best outcome achievable. No consultancy worldwide has greater experience overcoming these challenges in construction, engineering and asset development, or more accomplished specialists. So you can draw on a complete spectrum of Advisory, Consulting and Expert services that is unmatched.

In respect of the Nuclear market, the majority of clients and contractors have adopted NEC 3 for their projects, the Government’s preferred choice of contract. However, achieving time and cost predictability is still eluding parties. This may seem surprising, given that the whole ethos of this suite of contracts is to ‘stimulate effective project management in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation’ to achieve just that.

The prescriptive procedures for dealing with the effects of change and other events during the contract period under NEC 3, means the administration of this contract presents different challenges to those of more traditional forms of contract if the work is to be managed effectively and real benefits gained by both parties.

HKA has found one of the most effective routes to achieving cost and time predictability is by contracting parties recognising the benefits to be gained from joint workshops, both pre contract and through the whole life cycle of the project. This facility, which enables discussions over concerns and issues at the earliest stage, can only add value to a project and truly reflect the principles of ‘mutual trust and co-operation’.


  • Transformation & Leadership
  • Risk Advisory
  • Commercial & Procurement Advisory
  • Programme Performance Advisory
  • Claims Management
  • Dispute Avoidance
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Training
  • Expert Advisory
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