Nuclear and Manufacturing Excellence Ltd

Nuclear and Manufacturing Excellence Ltd was set up in 2013. 

The founder, Peter Doyle, has 34 years experience working directly in the nuclear industry for BNFL and Westinghouse in operations engineering, plant commissioning, manufacturing leadership, global manufacturing improvement and leadership development.

In addition to his nuclear experience he has been trained and accredited in Systematic Approach to Training (SAT), Black-Belt Lean and Six-Sigma, Human Performance and Behavioural Differentiation and is also a trained coach.

Additionally, with a lifetime in the nuclear industry he has access to a wide range of national and international experts in areas such as Human Performance, Nuclear Quality, Nuclear Leadership, Manufacturing Improvement and Modern Leadership. 

In addition to the courses below, there are courses adaptable to specific requirements:

Examples are given below but these can be modified, adapted and added to:

  • High Performance Leadership in Manufacturing ( typically 8 days over 4 months)
  • Lean Leadership (one day introduction)
  • Lean Manufacturing (various courses from half day to 10 day)
  • Manufacturing Improvement through Lean and Six-Sigma
  • Practical Problem Solving
  • Plant Commissioning Workshops
  • Human Performance and Behavioural Safety (tailored courses for knowledge workers, operators and leaders)

For more information contact Peter Doyle

T:   01772 321510

M:  07894 836536