University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)

UCLan is  one of the largest universities in the UK with more than 35,000 students, 3,000 staff, 500 undergraduate courses and 180 postgraduate courses.

UCLan offers a wide range of nuclear related courses, developed in conjunction with major employers in the industry such as Sellafield Limited. UCLan students benefit from a long history of UCLan delivery in this sector and wide ranging industry connections and experience. UCLan courses are delivered nationally, both via UCLan campuses at Preston and West Cumbria, and also via a network of partner providers and colleges who deliver our courses to UCLan quality standards. UCLan works with nuclear industry employers and industry bodies such as NSAN to ensure that our courses are relevant and of high value to all students.

They offer all students access to the University’s excellent online resources and put in place support to ensure learning with UCLan is an enjoyable experience. UCLan underpins its provision with research. In the latest Research Assessment Exercise the University submitted 17 subject areas for rigorous review and was rated as having produced research of international excellence in all of them. No fewer than 11 areas were assessed as containing research which is world-leading.